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* Free trial class *
* No equipment needed *
* Weight loss *
* Strengthen muscles *
* Decrease stress *
* Hone reflexes *
* Increase endurance*
* Burn 350–450 calories *
* Free set of Gloves *

Bored of the same old exercises?

Then join one of our new and exciting Kickboxing classes!

Kickboxing roots go as far back as the 13th century in Thailand. In the 1960s the Muay Thai Boxing style was infused with Karate and Boxing in Japan and the first Kickboxing organization was formed. Although the original sport of Kickboxing was derived to be a full contact sport, it has transformed in recent years to a safe and highly effective workout routine boasting results as high as 800 calories lost per session (ACE sponsored research estimates a typical 135 lb. individual will lose between 350 – 450 calories in a 50 minute session).

Kickboxing is a total body, cross training, aerobic workout that is a hybrid of Boxing, Martial Arts, and Aerobics. No one knows this better than Mayer's Karate and Fitness. At Mayer's our business is martial arts and fitness, so we pleased to present a total package that encompasses both our passions to deliver to you a rewarding, strength building, stress relieving, endurance increasing, total body workout wrapped up in one fitness routine.

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