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Mayer's Karate for Special Needs Children


Helping to Increase your Child's Abilities and Success

Nicholas has been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder as well as mild Cerebral Palsy. His disabilities have affected his strength, coordination, balance attention and self confidence. Since he began his training at Mayer's all of these areas have improved greatly.
Christopher was diagnosed with Autism at the age of four. His learning disabilities have made it difficult for him to focus and concentrate. Christopher has been in Karate for over three years now. In this time period I have seen him grow in many ways. He can now follow in a group setting and does not talk to himself as much. Christopher has learned to follow directions more closely and focus. I will never forget his excitement when he received his yellow belt.
Since Owen Joined Mayer's he has thrived in many ways. Owen is more social and outgoing. His self esteem has soared. His overall attitude and behavior have improved greatly. Owen's improvements are not just emotional but physical as well. He now exhibits more strength, balance and endurance. Enrolling Owen at Mayer's has proven beneficial not only to Owen but to our family also.
Michael's diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy with prominent pseudobular palsy symptoms including expressive dysphagia. He also has a seizure disorder and ADHD. Since starting his training Michael seems to have better control over his behavior and has become more mature emotionally (slightly). Physically his strength and stamina have improved across the board. Michael also is more willing to try new activities and participate for longer periods of time with better focus. He enjoys Martial Arts every week and really tries hard.

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