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Mayer's Personal Training & Fitness

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* A.C.E. certified trainers
* A variety of fitness programs are offered
* Routines specifically tailored for your personal goals / needs
* Services can also be provided at your home or office

At Mayer's, our One-to-One approach has helped hundreds of individuals become healthier and more active through exercise. Each of our A.C.E. certified trainers have the knowledge, experience and communication skills required to guide you through all aspects of fitness and help you attain your goals of a strong, lean body and a healthy lifestyle.

How It Works
Our trainers will first individually evaluate you through our fitness test. Next, we devise a custom personal fitness program that incorporates your own needs and realistic goals. From there we establish a feasible exercise regimen and schedule that fits your busy life.

Our investment in the healthier you does not stop there. Your personal trainer will work with you through every step of your journey providing guidance, encouragement, and expertise in an effort to help you reach your goal of a more fit, energetic, healthier, and confident individual.

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