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Bullet Man Self-Defense

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Schedule varies.
Please call (973)238-8600 for classes

* Scenario-based padded assailant training
* Prepares you for real life encounters
* Special teen and woman's programs
* Adults and children ages 16 and up
* Classes can also be conducted at your business office.

Our focus is to prepare students for the circumstances they are most likely to face whether on the street or in a sexual assault. Our 50 pound padded assailant suit is worn by one of our Martial Arts Instructors who use intimidation gestures, posturing, verbal testing, physical probes and ploys that typically precede assaults and that would reflect the motive of a typical negative character.

After learning proper techniques, all students have several opportunities to strike full-force at our padded assailant. An integral component of padded assailant training is helping students learn to manage his or her fear and overcome obstacles that may jeopardize their ability to act effectively.
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