Adult - Kickboxing

Monday & Wednesday 8:00 to 8:50pm
Friday 7:00 to 7:50pm

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Mayer's Authentic Kickboxing is a fun and effective method to get into outstanding physical condition, relieve daily stress and learn defensive skills. Kickboxing shields, focus mitts and heavy  bags is a fantastic way to relieve daily stress. Although Kickboxing is an intense work-out our members feel comfortable knowing  they  may work at their own pace as their conditioning improves. Nothing  relieves stress more than intense exercise.

As you continue Kickboxing you will start to see some positive changes to your body. Everyone wants to feel good when they look in the mirror. Nothing in life is a magic pill. It’s all about hard work and  reaping the rewards. At Mayer's you will be met by the  most knowledgeable Kickboxing instructors in the industry. All Are highly trained advance Black Belts, not cardio teachers. We know the correct and effective methods for developing techniques to the highest  level.


Be aware of  other programs that state that you will be capable of defending yourself successfully in a real self defense encounter. You might have the confidence, but there are many variables regarding personal protection. There have been many instances when trained fighter have lost their lives making poor conflict resolution  decisions. So keep  kicking and punching and avoid  conflict when  you can!

Come Join Advanced Mark, Danny and Anthony For The Finest Area Kickboxing Classes!




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