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Our adult Martial Arts program is a great way to achieve and maintain peek  physical conditioning while learning the  most effective and  realistic fighting and self-defense systems available.

Our system combines the most effective aspects of kicking, punching, striking, jujitsu, judo, tactical ground technique, defense against armed attackers and blade and baton offensive tactics.

Although our students are trained to avoid  conflict, if threatened we train to eliminate the threat efficiently and  swiftly. Self Defense, Fitness and overall well being is our motivation to train, not sport or competition.

One of the greatest aspect of our adult Martial Arts program is the  people that you will meet during your personal journey  towards self-improvement. You will find people from white  belt to advanced black  belt,  in shape, or desiring  to get in better shape, emotionally strong, or wanting to gain  greater mental strength. The one thing all our students have in common, is their  willingness to work as a team to help each  other meet desired  goals.

In all honesty, our adult work-outs are not a walk in the park, they are the real deal. Training is not for individuals who want to tell their friends, "yeah I do mixed martial arts" without the commitment, fatigue, sweat and muscle soreness it takes to be successful. Expect to be drenched, expect  to be challenged, expect  to develop the warriors mind set and expect to reap the rewards of  knowing  you have risen to the challenges of a highly trained Martial Artist and  fighter. There is nothing else like Martial Arts.

What you can expect upon entering one of our classes. You will be greeted with the utmost  respect  by our instructors and your fellow classmates. If a beginner, you will work independently of the class with a highly trained and nurturing instructor who will discuss some of the formalities of our class. You will begin to gain a higher  level of physical fitness and skills. When  the instructor feels you are prepared you will be integrated into the class with other students. This is a very comfortable and low pressure process of gaining confidence and skill. You will become an important part of an extended family. Upon leaving the training hall where so many personal lessons are learned, you can't wait for your  next lesson. There is nothing quite like Martial Arts!

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