Our Martial Arts program for children between the ages of 6 to 12 is much more than just fighting. Mayer's Karate & Fitness has a 30-year history of hundreds with success stories. In our youth program children have overcome fears, have gained the confidence to succeed, have learned the importance of self-respect, and to respect others and have gained the guidance to Live healthy life styles through the study of Martial Arts. The children who graduate from Mayer's go from successful children to successful and thriving adults. They win in life!

Hi, I'm Mark Mayer
I would like to share just a few of the many triumphant stories since we first open our doors in 1984. Hundreds upon hundreds of students have over come personal challenges leading to their personal victory and growth! Martial Arts training is amazingly life changing. It's not magic pill, it's about hard work and overcoming personal challenges. Myself, and all of my instructors each having well over 30 years of teaching the (Mayer's Success System) have had the absolute privilege of transforming lives and make the difference in so many young lives.


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Martial Arts helps mold a successful life ... Understanding that each child is unique and teaching accordingly is what separates average teachers from exceptional teachers. Karate has taught Keith self discipline & has motivated him to always do his best. This has influenced the type of academic student he has become, and he was awarded the Presidents Educational Award. Thank you to all the instructors at Mayer's Karate for being a positive influence on our son.
CP (Franklin Lakes, NJ)

A struggling boy ... Mayer's karate & Fitness has been a shining star in an otherwise cloudy forecast for our 6 year old son Alex. Alex was having temper tantrums, hitting his mom, and showing a lack of care towards family members. Alex started Karate and immediately a special bond was created with the instructors. In just a few month at Mayer's Alex is displaying a stability in his moods, showing more respect towards others, and overall becoming the fine young man we know he could be. Thank you for the great work you and your instructors have accomplished. Martial Arts may be one of the best investments you could give your child.
PB (Dingmans Ferry, Pa)

Most Parents see positive results with their children after just a few short weeks!
Children start displaying greater motivation regarding all of their activities, behavior at home improves dramatically and children start displaying higher levels of respect and discipline.

Martial Arts saves a struggling boy who has been terribly bullied. There's so much more than thank you, I could say to you. Scott is a new kid thanks to you. He loves Karate & he's beginning to love himself as his proficiency increases. Thank you for all you do and say to my son. If it takes a village to raise a child, I'm glad you're in mine.
MB (Wyckoff, NJ)

Children who have been bullied will feel an immediate sense of empowerment regarding their painful experience with other children. They will be better able to handle bullied emotionally, as well as physically.

Martial Arts teaches Franklin Lakes students a way of life ... Mayer's Karate teaches children the lifelong value of physical fitness and mental well being. Physically, children are challenged with various Martial Arts techniques. Mentally, the children are encouraged to be nonviolent, obedient to their parents and siblings. Mayer's helps the children be at peace with themselves-a lesson many adults still have not learned. These goals are especially important at a time when incidence of school violence is on the rise.
CC (Franklin Lakes, NJ)


The goal orientation, and work ethic which is taught at Mayer's Karate & Fitness transcends the daily activities, desires and dreams of our students. A very high percentage of the young students who stick with Mayer's do extremely well academically, attend great collages and continue on to live happy and successful lives. Mayer's has a proven leadership programs that simply works!