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Kids Martial Arts

Mayer's has been instructing Martial Arts for over 30 years. Area families  who can  have their children train anywhere choose Mayer's.


Personal Training

Mayer's Fitness offers personal training to our clients 7 days weeky. All  of our trainers are American  Council Of Exercise certified which is highly regarded in the industry.


Adult Self-Defense

Listen to the news lately? It's no secret we live in a very dangerous world. All good citizens should have the ability to protect themselves and their families if a potentially life- threatening situation should occur.



Mayer's Authentic Kickboxing is a fun and effective method to get into outstanding physical condition, relieve daily stress and learn defensive skills.
Kickboxing shields, focus mitts and heavy  bags is a fantastic way to relieve daily stress .


Ideal Protein

Mayer's is an approved clinic of the Ideal Protein Weight  Loss Method. As an Ideal client, you will receive weekly one on one support from your personal coach, as well as daily  video support from Ideal  Coach TV.



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Sal - April 20, 2017

My 5 year old was shy and let everyone walk all over her. In 1 year, she is confident and sticks up for herself! Thank you!

Joanne - August 4, 2016 

Thank you Pamela and Mark Mayer for your commitment to all children, especially kids with special needs. Dave has also done an extraordinary job working with my son who has Down syndrome and ADHD. JJ's coordination and focus are improving each week!! I can't thank you enough. God bless you.

Mar - April 25, 2016

Love this place! Super nice facility and staff! And I feel great! Thanks guys!!! 5 Stars!

Jennifer - January 26, 2015 

Juliet loves going to karate class at Mayer's. Mr. Mayer is a great instructor, she's made a lot of progress in a short time.

Francisco - October 23, 2014 

My old stomping grounds. Great school with great instructors. I trained for many years there and I now have my own dojo in NM. Keeping the old school training alive!

Tammy - July 29, 2014

My daughters are 7.5 and 5 years old. Mayer's Karate is an excellent place for first time students and advanced students. Both Mr. Scielzo and Mr. Mayer are great with the kids. They make the class fun, exciting and challenging. It is a positive environment where the children are encouraged to do their best. I would recommend Mayer's Karate hands down.

Kitty - September 6, 2013 

I've been learning karate from Mr. Mayer & Mr. Scielzo for years. They are great teachers. They make the classes really fun when you're a kid and challenging as you get older. Families really look forward to their tournaments every year too. Its a cool dojo for girls like me!


"The most important thing is not what you do but how you do it."

Established in 1984 Mayer's Karate and Fitness has trained thousands of successful clients. We are not a large multi-school chain. Mayer is a highly specialized family fitness facility who understands the needs of each of our valued members. Mayer’s core values include PASSION  to develop each student to their highest level, INTEGRITY to do as we pledge and the highest level of SERVICE available in the industry.