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Photo by innovatedcaptures/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by innovatedcaptures/iStock / Getty Images


Listen to the news lately? It's no secret we live in a very dangerous world. All good citizens should have the ability to protect themselves and  their families if a potentially life- threatening situation should  occur. It takes continual training and  a certain resolve and mind set to stand a chance against an attacker armed with a weapon, a strong  unarmed assailant, or multiple attacker. Attackers do not play by rules and  you cannot as well. In self-defense there is only one rule, SURVIVAL. Are you prepared? Mr. Mayer  has trained, and continues to train with some of the  most highly regarded security experts in the tri-state area. Some have had extensive combat experience and many  have been  professional  body guards.

Private students will learn:

•Brutal empty hand combative against unarmed assailants
•Empty hand combative against armed assailants
•Blade on Blade defensive combative
•Fire-arm Take Away
•How and where to strike with efficiency and effectiveness
•The usage of every day available items for brutal self defense









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